Saturday, September 1, 2012


Oh, come on. A few posts ago, I mentioned that someone swooped in and stole 300 hives from a Saskatchewan beekeeper. Bummer.

This morning, I heard that a B.C. farmer just had over 2,300 kilograms (that’s over 5,000 POUNDS!) of potatoes yanked fresh out of his fields – plants and all. If you’ve ever dug potatoes, you’d know that it’s next to impossible to just pull out a potato plant with all the spuds still attached. Anyway, a football field’s worth of ‘taters has gone missing.

I was still scratching my head, when this evening’s news announced that someone in Quebec has made off with a massive haul of maple syrup – what may actually add up to many millions of dollars’ worth. Ten million pounds of syrup was stored at the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers’ warehouse and they’re not yet sure how much syrup the thieves got away with. I haven’t even heard of “The Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve”.


Better microchip the bees, install infra-red cameras in the field and put in an alarm system in the back corner of the basement where all the mapl .. uh, onions are.

Didn’t know we’re sitting on so much gold.